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  • Indian Tantric massage 6996854301
  • Indian Tantric massage 6996854301
  • Indian Tantric massage 6996854301


Τιμή : €30.00(Auction)
Ηλικία : 23
Ημερομηνία : July 1, 2020
Τοποθεσία : ΑΘΗΝΑ

Μασάζ thai oil,deep tissue,4hands,nuru,Indian relaxing and tantric-ταντρα


1hour and 30minutes-50euros

Therapists from Athens and Thailand,nepal

phone number:6996854301

*No sex

Indian Tantric massage, A brief history: People often mistakenly assume that tantric massage is a sexual service.. it is a form of erotic massage, so in some ways this view is true, but theres so much more to tantra than that… touch and sensual stimulation is the main part of that.

Tantra is arguably one of the most disused ancient branches of indian spiritual rituals, despite the huge number of texts wiritten about this practice. This ancient hindu practise dates back to 5AD and came about as a form of meditation that aimed to maintain a calm sense of mind and sensuality.

Therapists from Nepal and India are doing this massage so it is original experience.

1hour is 30€ with shower bath before and after the massage.1h and 30min is 50€

*Nuru λογω covid εφαρμοζεται χωρις σωματικη επαφη
*Δεν περιλαμβανεται και δεν γινεται sex
*Οι θεραπευτριες απο το Νεπαλ και την Ταυλανδη ειναι εξιδικευμενες πανω σε αυρα τα ειδα μασαζ.
*Swedish,deep tissue,4hands,traditional thai oil 1hour / 30€

Phone number:6996854301

every day from 12:00-22:00 open

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